ISOFIX Seat Installation

Below is a demonstration of the short (20-30second) process to install an ISOFIX (rigid) child restraint system.

Step 1: Find Mechanism Deployment Handle

Install Step 1

Find the green handle on the bottom of the seat.

Step 2: Pull the Mechanism Deployment Handle

Install Step 2

Pull the green handle on the bottome of the seat to deploy the two rails on either side. The rails are spring loaded and will retract until you extend them far enough that they stay deployed. There will be a click and no pressure on the handle at this point.

Step 3: Retract the Mechanism Deployment Handle

Install Step 3

After the rails are deployed, you retract the green handle back under the seat.

Step 4: Find ISOFIX Bracket Locations

Install Step 4

There are two guides that are included with the ISOFIX seat. These guides can be clipped onto the ISOFIX brackets. They are necessary to be able to guide the clamps at the end of the rails onto the brackets. Otherwise, you will ruin your upholstery. When not using the ISOFIX child seat, you can easily take these out for other passengers.

Step 5: Insert the Ends of the Rail (Clamps) Into the Guides

Install Step 5

Next set the ISOFIX seat on the bench seat and guide the clamps into the guides. With very little pressure, you will hear and feel the clamps attach to the brackets. As the clamps attach, the rails, being spring loaded, will retract and pull the child seat into the seat back. You need to make sure both sides are clamped. Now the seat is rigidly attached to the car frame.

Step 6: Secure the Seat to the Car

Install Step 6

Next, push the seat into the seat back. You will hear some ratcheting as the guides shorten and hold the car seat tightly to the bench seat and seat back. After securing the seat, you can't possibly move the ISOFIX seat relative to the car. You end up moving the car instead.

Step 7: Sit the Child in the Seat

Install Step 7

The lap board is buckled on both sides of the seat. Either side can be unbuckled to move the lap board and sit the child in the seat. The lap board can be tightened with the seat belt by pulling on the strap. To loosen the belt, a clip needs to pressed.

Step 8: Remove the ISOFIX Child Seat

Install Step 8

To remove the seat, all you need to do is push a red button (with slight wiggling if necessary). There is a bar in front to prevent a child kick from accidently pressing the release button. When pressing this button, the clamps release and the rails fully retract to the starting position. They are noisy and quite powerful as the springs retract into the seat.

To learn more about ISOFIX, see my VW mod page. I've listed my experience and links to other information. Let me know if this information was helpful or how to improve it.

More Pictures

ISOFIX Installed in car ISOFIX Installed in car ISOFIX Seat Front view ISOFIX Seat Back View with rails extended

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